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Leader IN R & D

Inspiration propels a person from apathy to possibility, and transforms the way we perceive our own capabilities. And, we at Inspiring Lab are propelled to provide mankind with innovative services through technology.

With the incorporation of enthusiastic, dynamic and multidisciplinary personnel, we communicate inspirational vision, listen to advice and promote disciplined focus on any  particular task. To accomplish a task we flex and adapt with varied situations and facilitate involved decision-making processes for individuals in order to enhance their capabilities. We aspire to become a leader in Research and Development, encompassing the motto of “Let’s Inspire”.

Research Oriented Products

All products we deliver undergo extensive research and contain only the most efficient and sustainable techniques and methodologies that suits your requirements.

Innovative and Sustainable Solutions

We believe in designing innovative systems that provide tenable solutions to all of your software problems.

Inspiring Education

We strongly believe in sharing our knowledge and experience from working in the AI industry to inspire good educational practices and to help grow and improve the community.

Vocational Mentorship

We believe in learning by doing. Our mentorship programs are designed to give hands on experience in state-of-the-art tools and techniques being used in artificial intelligence and software development

Inspiring Lab is a family of individuals from different backgrounds with a common mission. The main motto of our organization is “Let’s Inspire”. We tirelessly work towards inspiring practical education practices and sustainable technological solutions.

Our Teams

Meet our team with dynamic talent.

Rajeev Bista

Rajeev Bista


Sanjay Khanal

Sanjay Khanal


Aadesh Neupane

Aadesh Neupane


Sagun Gopal Kayastha

Sagun Gopal Kayastha

Sr. Machine Learning Engineer

our Work

We provide an innovative approach towards product development. Review our projects to understand our fields of expertise.

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking and Recognition System

Text to speech

Nepali Character Recognition


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