Real Time Vehicle Tracking and Recognition System (RTVTR)

RTVTR is a Computer Vision application that detects vehicles and recognizes its license plate in real time.  The system uses a video processing pipeline with various machine learning models to detect and classify vehicles in different categories. It is able to recognize the license plates of those vehicles with the help of a robust Segmentation and Optical Character Recognition Engine.


NCR - Nepali Character Recognition

Nepali Character Recognition (NCR) is a  system that can recognize handwritten nepali characters and convert them to their corresponding digital form in the form of a document. It can help solve many problems concerned with digitization of traditional mediums written in Nepali.


TTS - Text To Speech

Nepali TTS is a firefox plugin to translate Nepali text into speech.



Atman is an AI powered application that analyzes daily diary entires from users and presents them with an overall sentiment analysis for that particular day. It is aimed towards helping users understand and deal their emotional behaviors and traits. 

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