Artificial Intelligence Training for Beginners

Our main motive for this education program is to share our knowledge and experience with individuals who are enthusiastic about breaking into the Artificial Intelligence Industry.

AI Training

Our Primary Focus: Providing Quality Education

The core motivation of our education program is to share the knowledge and experiences we have gathered throughout the years to the best of our abilities. Our mission with this program is to make every individual, that takes part in our course, proficient enough to build AI systems of their own independently.

Python Programming

Start from the most basic concepts of programming in Python to advanced topics.

Machine Learning

Learn to build the most popular ML algorithms being used in the world today.

Computer Vision

Dive into the world of CV and its vast array of applications using deep learning.

Graded Assignments

Structured  Assignments to test your understanding of all topics throughout the course.

Mathematics in AI

Involves learning mathematical topics that are essential for building all AI systems.

Deep Learning

Learn to design simple to complex neural networks for a wide range of learning tasks.


Develop AI systems capable of identifying and recognizing spoken and written languages.

Capstone Project

Develop an AI system that shows clear understanding of  the topics taught.

Start your Career in AI

Learn to design, build and implement the most popular machine learning and deep learning techniques used throughout the world today from the ground up.

Learn by Doing

Structured Programming and Non-Programming Content

Learn both the core theory behind crucial techniques and topics in AI along with hands on training and guidance on programming all the theoretical content taught.

Build your portfolio

Improve your Skillset

Learn one of the most prominent skills of the software industry in the twenty-first century with this course.

Achieve your goals

Become a proficient AI Developer

Learn from professionals working in with the current state-of the-art tools and techniques in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Free Sessions

Our one-day workshop programs are available for free of cost to everyone who wants to attend the program.

Dedicated Courses

We also provide a fully dedicated course that goes extensively into the ins and outs of developing artificially intelligent systems.

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